Research Topics

Thanks to a $5 million gift, the University of New Hampshire will transform and expand its existing open ocean aquaculture site into the UNH Sustainab... Learn More
Oyster Week came to a close Saturday with Oyster Fest at Bernie's Beach Bar in Hampton. The event showcased music, drinks and all-you-can-eat oys... Learn More
David Fredriksson has been selected to lead the new UNH Sustainable Seafood Center — a hub at the nexus of food security, climate change adaptation an... Learn More
Estuaries are essential habit for juvenile winter flounder. UNH researchers are working to determine which estuaries are most productive so that they ... Learn More
UNH researchers work collaboratively with commercial fisherman to help improve Atlantic wolffish stock assessments. Learn More
The NE Wolffish Tagging Project represents a partnership of scientists and fishermen who research the movements of Atlantic wolffish (Anarhichas lupus... Learn More
Wind turbines operating in the wake of upstream turbines experience power losses due to wake effects. Upwind turbines can intentionally be yawed to de... Learn More
The development of the turbulent wakes generated by two 1 m diameter turbine models were studied in the UNH Flow Physics Facility [link], which provid... Learn More
Wind turbine arrays of up to 100 model wind turbines are studied experimentally in the UNH Flow Physics Facility (FPF), a large flow-physics-quality b... Learn More
Lumpfish being grown to investigate their use as cleanerfish. Learn More
New Hampshire-raised steelhead trout are making a splash in restaurants and seafood markets throughout northern New England, thanks to researchers at ... Learn More
Researchers at the Center for Ocean Engineering are working with SINTEF Aquaculture and Fisheries, Norway, and the United States Naval Academy to bett... Learn More
In July 2012, the University of New Hampshire Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (UNH-CORE) tested an industry developed hydrokinetic turbine at Muskeg... Learn More
​​​​​​​Protection of sensitive marine installations and infrastructure is critical in today's geo-political climate. The Center for Ocean Enginee... Learn More
UNH/NH Sea Grant research scientist, Michael Chambers coordinates a marine fish farming clinic at the Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex in New Castle... Learn More
Mussels, kelp and trout grown off the coast of Portsmouth, N.H. are fulfilling demand for local seafood while removing excess nutrients from the water... Learn More
In fall 2012, the Center for Ocean Engineering worked with Neptune Wave Power of Dallas, Texas to analyze their wave energy converter and perform a se... Learn More
Researchers at the Center for Ocean Engineering, in collaboration with Canakkale University, Turkey, and the International Copper Association, are wor... Learn More
Use U.S. Law of the Sea (Extended Continental Shelf) multibeam bathymetry and acoustic backscatter data to quantitatively describe the morphology of t... Learn More
Bubbles of methane gas can be found escaping the seabed throughout the worlds oceans. Methane is a key greenhouse gas, and any gas escaping the seabe... Learn More