Picnic tables under the pavilion look out over the ocean


The Pavilion at the Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex is available for UNH faculty, students and staff to use for meetings and small events. Located in New Castle, NH, the Pavilion is accessed through the Coast Guard gate and as such requires requests for use. UNH faculty, students, and staff, may request use of the Pavilion using the link below.

At the Pavilion

The Pavilion is open on three sides and has a beautiful southern view of the water. While primitive, there are plenty of picnic tables for seating, two propane grills, and overhead lighting. There is no internet access and cell service can vary, however there is power available for your use. Visitors should note that the nearest restrooms are a quarter mile walk away at the Pier Support Building. You can arrange a portapotty for longer or larger events.

Parking and Arrival

When your group arrives, you will park in the Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex parking lot. We recommend meeting there and then walking as a group to the Coast Guard Gate. The walk is about a quarter mile walk and you will pass Pier Operations Building which houses the public restrooms. When you reach the gate you will either be let in or use a code to unlock the gate. You will work with our operations staff to determine which option fits your group.

Other Notes

  • If you need to drop off equipment or arrange for a portapotty to be delivered, please discuss this with our operations staff when your event is confirmed.

  • Keep an eye on the weather! You may want to request a rain date in advance in case of inclement weather. We do ask that you contact us if you will not need those rain dates so someone else can use the space.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • There is a volley-ball court adjacent to the Pavilion that is owned by the Coast Guard.  Please talk with operations staff about requesting access to the court if you would like to use it during your event.

Reserving the Pavilion

Please use the link below to request Pavilion use. Before making your request, please check the pavilion calendar below for availability. The pavilion is available to use at no charge to UNH faculty, students and staff. Capacity is 50 people. Once your request is submitted, you will be contacted to complete the necessary paperwork and arrange for arrival time.

If you have questions that have not been answered herein, please contact Nate Rennels at

Pavilion Use Request