Wind Turbine Array Studies

Wind turbine arrays of up to 100 model wind turbines are studied experimentally in the UNH Flow Physics Facility (FPF), a large flow-physics-quality boundary layer wind tunnel with test section dimensions of 6 m wide, 2.7 m tall and 72 m long. The FPF creates a high Reynolds number boundary layer which is dynamically similar to the atmospheric boundary layer that wind turbines operate in. Research topics include array fluid dynamics, wind farm layout optimization and energy conversion. Specific topics that were investigated recently included when a “fully developed” wind turbine array boundary layer (WTABL) condition is reached for a given wind farm layout and how the phenomenon of wake meandering manifests itself in a large wind farm. Insights gained form these studies can be used to reduce the cost of wind energy. For more information about this study, please contact Professor Martin Wosnik.


Ocean and Mechanical Engineering; Director, Center for Ocean Engineering
Office: Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory, Suite 102, 24 Colovos Road, Durham, NH 03824