Faculty Affiliation Process for Non-UNH Researchers

Affiliation in the faculty of the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SMSOE) is open to researchers outside of the University of New Hampshire and whose research programs align with the vision of the SMSOE to create an environment that will enhance opportunities for collaboration among faculty across the broad spectrum of marine-related disciplines at UNH and allow us to support our graduate programs in Ocean Engineering, Marine Biology, and Oceanography.

Benefits of Affiliation:  Affiliate Faculty will be part of a 70+ member faculty with diverse expertise in marine science and ocean engineering with an interdisciplinary research focus. After a one year probationary period and with evidence of participation in the SMSOE (see expectation below), non-UNH affiliate faculty may receive access to SMSOE research facilities and support from SMSOE facilities staff, SMSOE boats, the SMSOE diving program and a UNH email address. Fees may apply for these services. Affiliate faculty will not generally have access to SMSOE internal funds. 

Expectations of Affiliation: Affiliate faculty are expected to commit to some level of service to the SMSOE.  They will participate in the SMSOE regularly through at least one of the following: (1) support, advising and/or mentoring of graduate students; (2) service on the School’s Working Committees; (3) coordination of, and participation in, research activities, seminars, colloquia and other events (e.g. Ocean Discovery Day, SMSOE annual meeting, or recruitment open houses) organized by the School or affiliate programs. Affiliate faculty are expected to promote the SMSOE within and beyond the university agency connection.

Affiliate faculty members will state their affiliation as Affiliate Faculty of UNH’s School of Marine Sciences and Ocean Engineering. In communications, affiliate faculty will state “the views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily representative of the University of New Hampshire”.

Membership Process: Interested and qualified researchers should submit a letter of intent with a two-page vitae describing their current position, primary affiliation, educational background, and research interests and accomplishments to the SMSOE Director. The letter of intent should include your connections to the SMSOE community and your anticipated level of service commitment. The letter of intent should also include a short synopsis of the ways in which your engagement will benefit the SMSOE community (See expectations of affiliation above.). The SMSOE Executive Committee will review all applications and provide a recommendation to the Director. In most cases non-UNH faculty will be asked to present a seminar and/or meet with the executive committee. Feedback will be solicited from the broad SMSOE faculty. Affiliate faculty appointments will be limited to two years, whereupon the affiliate faculty may apply for reappointment.  Candidates interested in reappointment must submit a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, and an activity survey that provides information highlighting their SMSOE engagement during the current appointment.

All affiliate requests must be approved by the Directors of the SMSOE and EOS and final approval is granted by the UNH Provost.

Effective - August 26, 2020