Research Topics

Bubbles of methane gas can be found escaping the seabed throughout the worlds oceans. Methane is a key greenhouse gas, and any gas escaping the seabe... Learn More
Environmental microbiology and toxicology research at the Marine School focuses on the interface between living systems and abiotic conditions in natu... Learn More
Oyster aquaculture has grown dramatically in New Hampshire during the past few years. Learn More
We use custom-made underwater videography systems to map the seafloor for a variety of purposes. Learn More
As excess nutrients enter the Great Bay Estuary, a variety of nuisance plants can bloom and lead to fundamental changes in the ecology of the estuary ... Learn More
Tidal marshes developed in New England during the past 4,000 years when sea levels rose slowly. Learn More
Salt marshes have been managed for centuries, but these ecosystems are now recognized for many services and management actions should support overall ... Learn More