Wind Farm with Turbines Operating Under Yawed Conditions

Wind Energy Turbine

This study is a collaboration with the Wind Energy Systems research group at ForWind, University of Oldenburg/Physics (P. Hulsman, V. Petrović, M. Hölling and M. Kühn), carried out while M. Wosnik was a Fellow at the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg-Institute of Advanced Study.

Wind turbines operating in the wake of upstream turbines experience power losses due to wake effects. Upwind turbines can intentionally be yawed to deflect the wakes to increase the power output of the downstream turbines, which may increase the overall power production of a wind farm.

The new large wind tunnel at the WindLab in Oldenburg was used to investigate the wakes of model wind turbine operating under different yaw angles and inflow conditions. Streamwise velocity maps were measured with a short-range Lidar WindScanner. The goal of this study is to help develop a wind farm controller to maximize power output.


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