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Announcement: 2022 Rhodes Academy Session

Application Deadline Extended to May 13, 2022.

We are pleased to announce that planning is underway for our 2022 session to be held in Rhodes, Greece. Barring new complications from the ongoing pandemic, we anticipate returning to full operation July 3-22, 2022.

We urge everyone who wishes to attend the 2022 Rhodes Academy to apply by the 13 May deadline. Applicants are advised to stay aware of pandemic travel restrictions and requirements for their home country as well as Greece. Masks may be required at the Rhodes Academy. Due to travel uncertainties, we have extended our refund deadline to June 17 for accepted students.

The Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy is an international collegial institution dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the modern law of the sea. Through education on the principles of contemporary oceans law and policy, the Rhodes Academy seeks to promote adherence to the rule of law in the world's oceans. Founded in 1995, the Academy held its inaugural session in the summer of 1996 and operates on an annual basis.

The Rhodes Academy is a cooperative undertaking by international law experts and sponsoring universities and institutions. The current Directors are Robert Beckman, Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore (Singapore); Tomas Heidar, Law of the Sea Institute of Iceland (Reykjavik, Iceland); John Norton Moore, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA); Alex Oude Elferink, Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea, Utrecht University (Utrecht, the Netherlands); Nikos Skourtos, Aegean Institute of the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law (Rhodes, Greece); and Rüdiger WolfrumMax Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law (Heidelberg, Germany). The School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire (USA), the Korea Maritime Institute (Busan, Korea) and the Ankara University National Center for the Sea and Maritime Law (Ankara, Turkey) are associate sponsors. For many years the International Seabed Authority has provided science scholarships for developing country students. Myron Nordquist, former Associate Director of the Center for Oceans Law and Policy, coordinates the substantive portions of the Rhodes Academy while staff attend to administrative arrangements. Administrative activities outside Rhodes are managed by Judy Ellis, the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire, while Spiros Loupis at the Aegean Institute coordinates local arrangements in Rhodes.

Rhodes Academy Past & Future

About the Program

The Academy entails an intensive, three-week course of study, with lectures by leading jurists, practitioners, and international law faculty from around the world. Although it is a single course of study, the program is divided into two distinct units. The first two weeks focus on the foundations of modern oceans law, recent developments, and an overview of the 1982 United Nations Conference of the Law of the Sea. In the second week, several short courses address specific topics under the rubric of oceans law and policy. The third week typically focuses on an issue of current concern to the international community. Passing an optional examination enables students to receive a diploma from the Rhodes Academy.

In comments prepared for the inaugural session of the Rhodes Academy, United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali said, "The objective of your academy, fostering a better understanding of the law of the sea, is one to which the United Nations has dedicated itself almost since its inception. The success of the Academy is therefore of particular interest to the United Nations. . . . The exchange of ideas and other forms of cooperation between the United Nations and the Academy should serve our common purpose of fostering a better understanding of the law of the sea."

The student body of the Rhodes Academy is kept relatively small to allow for maximum interaction among students and lecturers. The distinguished international faculty and diverse student body are strengths of the Academy, bringing together different perspectives on global and regional issues. These elements make the Rhodes Academy a unique educational opportunity, and facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the principles of oceans law and policy as reflected in the practice of States, the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and a myriad of related international agreements.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

The great majority of students are self-paying.  The Academy has a small number of scholarships available that are offered based on high academic merit and financial need. The scholarships are extremely competitive due to the many requests received for each session.  Virtually all of the few scholarships are designated by their grantees for applicants from developing nations. Students are urged to make every effort to secure their own funding in advance. Requests for financial aid considerations should be indicated in your application.

There is an annual scholarship sponsored by the International Cable Protection Committee for the best written paper on a submarine cable topic. The winner is awarded a full scholarship to the Rhodes Academy (alumni receive a cash prize): ICPC Writing Award

How to Apply

The 2022 of the Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy has been scheduled to 3-22 July 2022. Applications can now be submitted for the 2022 session. Applications are due no later than 13 May 2022. Late or incomplete applications cannot be considered. Early applications are encouraged.

Rhodes Academy Application

Rhodes Reference Letter Form: PDF  or  Word

The Rhodes Academy general information booklet and 2022 schedule are available.

The attendance fee for 2022 is $1,900 USD. Payment must be received by 17 June. The fee is non-refundable after 17 June. The fee includes all course material. There is no additional tuition fee.

Further inquiries can be sent to Ms. Judy Ellis at judy.ellis@unh.edu or Mr. Spiros Loupis at loupis@rhodes.aegean.gr

A distinguished faculty has taught at the Rhodes Academy over the past 24 years. The faculty has been selected from 16 different nationalities and its expertise is deep as well as wide ranging. The following is an alphabetical listing of lecturers who will participate as faculty during the 2021 session:

Associate Professor Danae Azaria
Faculty of Laws, University College London

Ambassador David Balton
Senior Fellow, Polar Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Professor Robert Beckman
Head, Ocean Law and Policy Programme, Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore

Mr. Kent Bressie, Esq.
Partner at Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP, Washington, DC

Dr Robin Cleverly
Maritime Boundary Consultant, Marbdy Consulting Ltd

Professor Eric Molenaar
Deputy Director, Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS)

H.E. Vladimir Golitsyn
Former President, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Associate Professor Maria Gavouneli
National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

H.E. Tomas H. Heidar
Vice-President, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea; Director, Law of the Sea Institute, Iceland

H.E. Albert J. Hoffmann
President, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Professor Hakan Karan
Board Chair, National Center for the Sea and Maritime Law, Ankara University, Turkey

Professor Ronán Long
Director, Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute, World Maritime University

Youna Lyons
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore

Mr. Lawrence Martin, Esq.
Partner, Foley Hoag, Washington, DC

Dr. Larry Mayer 
Director, Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Fernanda Millicay, Minister Plenipotentiary
Argentine Embassy to the United Kingdom

Professor Alina Miron
University of Angers, Centre Jean Bodin - Recherche Juridique et politique

Professor Erik Molenaar
Deputy Director, Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea

Professor Emeritus John Norton Moore
Former Director, Center for Oceans Law & Policy, University of Virginia

Professor Charles Norchi
Director, Center for Oceans & Coastal Law, University of Maine School of Law

Ambassador A. Havas Oegroseno
Indonesian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Federal Republic of Germany

Associate Professor Oya Özçayır
Honorary Fellow, University of Exeter Law School, UK

H.E. Jin-Hyun Paik
Judge, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Republic of Korea

Professor Anna Petrig
Chair of International Law and Public Law, University of Basel in Switzerland

Minister Counsellor Maria Telalian
Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece

H.E. Tulio Treves
Former Judge, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea; Professor, Universita di Milano, Milan, Italy

H.E. Rüdiger Wolfrum
Former President, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea; Honorary Director, Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law, Heidelberg, Germany
Professor Myron H. Nordquist, formerly the Associate Director of the Center for Oceans Law and Policy, directs the substantive portions of the Rhodes Academy while staff attend to administrative arrangements. Please contact Ms. Judy Ellis for additional information: judy.ellis@unh.edu
  1. Who should apply to the Rhodes Academy of Law and Policy? The RA is geared toward young professionals either working on LOS issues for governments or in academic settings such as pursing a doctoral degree.
  2. Should I apply if I do not have a legal studies or law background?The RA is for both ocean law and ocean policy scholars. Each applicant is evaluated on an individual basis and applicants are advised to spell out in their application the benefits of being admitted to the RA. Individuals with a specialization in marine science who have some background in oceans law or policy may also apply (see #4 below).
  3. How much does it cost to attend?
    • The 2022 attendance fee is USD $ 1,900. There is no additional tuition fee.
    • Students also pay for their hotel lodging. In 2022 the three-week (20 nights) hotel package, which includes breakfast plus one other meal per day, costs approximately €1,700 or USD $1950 for a single room or about €1,250 or USD $1425 per person for a shared double room. Additional meals, nights, and all personal items are at student expense.
    • Round-trip transportation to Rhodes, Greece.
  4. Are there scholarships, and who is eligible for them?
    • The great majority of students are self-paying. A limited number of partial scholarships are offered based on high academic merit and financial need ( indicate request in your application). The number of scholarships varies from year to year. Virtually all of the few scholarships are designated by their grantees for capacity building in developing nations.
    • There is an annual scholarship sponsored by the International Cable Protection Committee for the best written paper on a submarine cable topic.
  5. What are the language requirements? Proficiency in English is required. All classes and the examinations are in English. English is widely spoken in Rhodes, so knowledge of Greek is not necessary.
  6. If accepted, what will I need to bring with me for my studies?
    • A laptop or tablet computer.
    • A personal copy of the paperback The Law of the Sea—United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and Agreement relating to the Implementation of Part XI of the Convention on the Law of the Sea with Index (ISBN 92-1-133522-1). It can be ordered from booksellers such as Amazon.com in the language of your choice. (Course materials on a USB flash drive are provided upon arrival at no additional cost.)

Rhodes Academy Participants by Country 1996-2019

(998 alumni from 126 countries)

Tatjana Hema (2006)

Eris Hysi (2009)

Ledia Hysi (1998)

Suela S. Ibrahimi (2000)

Evis Karandrea (1999)

Gentiana Mburimi (1999)

Inida Methoxha (2008)

Agustela Nini (2001)

Anila K. Premti (1996)

Amor Abada (1999)

Ahmed Chemaa (1999)

Josefina Bunge (2007)

Jorge E. Cabrera-Torelli (1996)

Alejandro Canio (2008)

Guillermo Anibal Fonseca Atrio (2018)

Juan Galindo Roldan (2019)

Silvia Gonzalez Napolitano (2001)

Erica Lucero (2010)

Rodolfo Lucero (2013)

Ariel Martins Mogo (2014)

Fernanda Millicay (2004)

Cynthia Mulville (2009)

Juan Pablo Paniego (2012)

Lucia Raffin (2016)

Nicolas Rantica (2008)

Paula Vernet (2009)

Alejandro Villaverde (2015)

Carla Yacomini (2009)

Julieta Abgaryan (2013)

Anna Khachatryan (2001)

Ani Simonyan (2007)

Suzanne Akila (2019)

Frances Anggadi (2017)

Joska Ferencz (2013)

Kim Friedman (2019)

Camille Goodman (2015)

Benjamin Huntley (2019)

Katy Lin (2009)

Nicole Lyas (2018)

Holly Matley (2017)

Millicent McCreath (2017)

Cassandra Mogg (1996)

Sue Robertson (2010)

Zoe Scanlon (2016)

Shawn Stanley (2011)  

Sabine Knapp (2018)

Barbara Schwaiger (2011)

Katrin Tiroch (2010)

Ruslan Allahverdi Aliyev (1999)

Vuqar C. Hajiyev (2002)

Ingrid Cooper-Brooks (2012)

Odecca Gibson (2010)

Bridget McKay (2008)

Craig Wayne Powell (2014)

Melisa Wright (2011)

Mohammed Al-Assam (1996)

Mohammad Khorshed Khastagir (2009)

Valentina Blackman (1996)

Aleeza Moseley (2009)

Derrick F. P. Oderson (2000)

Rafael Quiroz Vera (2013)

Antoine Misonne (2016)

Koen Van den Bossche (2003)

Barbara Boechat de Almeida (2014)

Luciana Fernandes Coelho (2018)

Daniela Diz (2009)

Euclydes Antônio dos Santos Filho (2008)

Natália Frozel Barros (2016)

Kaiser Goncalves de Souza (1996)

Fabio Hazin (2010)

Alexandre Luiz Pereira da Silva (2014)

Gisele Elias Porto Santoro (1998)

Ana Carolina Santos Surgik (2000)

Brunei Darussalam
Helyati Mahmud Saedon (2013)

Nooraslena Sallehuddin (2017)

Evelina Ananieva (2012)

Dimana Dramova (2005)

Valentin Hadjiev (1997)

Miroslava Iordanova (2003)

Elena Ivanova (2015)

Marian V. Lozanov (1998)

Anna Mihneva Natova (2002)

Emilena Popova (2006)

Rossitsa Savova (2002)

Dilyan Stalev (2016)

Boyana S. Trifonova (2004)

Maya Voynova (1997)

Rumiana Yotova (2007)

Dara In (2014)

Sok Khavan (2013)

Hang Chuon Naron (2012)

Atangana Fouda Ignace Blaise (2009)

Oumarou Danzouma (2004)

Agnes M. V. Ebo’o (2002)

Christophe Ekomo (2007)

Hervé Mbida (2009)

Medina Noah (2009)

Atonfack Guemo Cyrille Serge (2008)

Etakong Tabeyang (2019)

James Baker (2011)

Michelle Campbell (2017)

Kristine Gu (2019)

Anna-Maria Hubert (2010)

Cameron Jefferies (2013)

Patrice Laquerre (2010)

Keith Lewis (2006)

Allison Mitchell (2018)

Seamus Ryder (2013)

Allison J. Saunders (2001)

Samuel Stephenson (2008)

Caterina Ventura (2007)

Cape Verde
António João Nascimento (2003)

Cristina Pereira (2003)

Daniela Arrese (2013)

Mariana Durney (2010)

Mauricio Galvez (2013)

José Javier Gorostegui Obanoz (2008)

Jeremias Manzur-Sottile (2011)

Maria Riesco (2017)

Osvaldo Urrutia Silva (2012)

Jiayu Bai (2009)

Yongsheng Cai (2017)

Jianzhong Chen (2016)

Li Chen (2014)

Zhang Dan (2010)

Guanghe Fu (2005)

Jungfeng Gu (2007)

Nong Hong (2006)

Cheng Jiachuan (1996)

Zhaoyan Jiang (2011)

Tang Jianye (2008)

Liang Jinzhe (1997)

Bingzhuo Li (2018)

Lingqun Li (2014)

Xuexia Liao (2018)

Yunwei Liu (2019)

Mingfei Ma (2015)

Liu Nengye (2008)

Jun Qiu (2009)

Zhen Sun (2012)

Yapiong Suo (2009)

Guanyu Wang (2010)

Lin Wang (2009)

Lu Ji Wu (2006)

Zhang Xiaoli (2001)

Muzi Xu (2017)

Xiangxin Xu (2017)

Yan Yan (2012)

Yingying Yan (2004)

Xiaoning Yang (2018)

Jiao Yongke (1997)

Baoying Zhu (2007)

Ling Zhu (2003)

Hermann León Rincón (2010)

Alonso Lozada De La Cruz (2000)

Javier Plata Gonzalez (2003)

Martha Pinilla (2001)

Cook Islands
Alexandrya Herman (2013)

Costa Rica
Georgina Guillén-Grillo (2014)

Nicolás Boeglin Naumovic (1998)

Iva Kocijan (2008)

Loris Rak (2009)

Trpimir M. Sosic (2000)

Igor Vio (1999)

Snježana Žaric (2013)

Emil Sirgado Diaz (2005)

Stelios Christodoulidis (1997)

Nicholas Ioannides (2015)

Maria Pilikou (2015)

Marina Spiliotopoulou (1996, 2000)

Czech Republic
Katerina Walkerova (2019)

Jes Andersen (2017)

Jesper Stig Andersen (2016)

Kasper Jespersen (2011)

Henning Knudsen (2013)

Rikke Nielsen (2011)

Jacob Rasmussen (2010)

Birgitta Maria Sander Hjortsø (2008)

Inge Thaulow (2015)

Nikolaj West (2015)

Adam August Worm (2004)

Birger Worm (2009)

Abbas Daher Djama (2019)

Dominican Republic
Fernando Cabrera Diaz (2015)

Tahiana Vargas (2011)

Arturo Cabrera (1997)

Cristina Camacho (2005)

Juan M. Escalante (2000)

Patricio Troya Suarez (2014)

Helena del Carmen Yanez-Loza (2012)

Yousra Ebada (2009)

Sherif Issa (1997)

Abdin Kandil (1996)

Lamiaa Ismail Mohamedein (2009)

Mahmoud S. Samy (2005)

Nehal Shamseldin (2009)

Ahmed Thabit (2000)

El Salvador
Tomas Flores (2001)

Samson Tsegay Tesfamichael (1996)

Paul Keres (2005)

Irina Nossova (2009)

Agnes Pilv (2009)

Endalew Enyew (2015)

Tekola Takele Workineh (1997)

Faroe Islands (Denmark)
Martin Joensen (2013)

Kevin Chand (2015)

Epeli Maisema (2012)

Ratu Sainivalati S. Navoti (2006)

Gaetan Balan (2015)

Sophie Cuenot (2014)

Eglantine Cujo (2016)

Julien Defurne (2019)

Isabelle Delatour (2015)

Marie-Laure Derivery (1997)

Thomas Garancher (1998)

Catherine Kosma (2002)

Alice Leonard de Juvigny (2015)

Youna Lyons (2012)

Elise Mangeot-Lerebours (2000)

Charlotte Jolie Salpin (2008)

Solange Teles da Silva (1998)

Yann Tephany (2015)

French Polynesia (France)
Tekau Frere (2016)

Jabbi Lamin (1999)

Valerian Bodaveli (2005)

Mariam Ioseliani (2007)

Giorgi Kobakhidze (2017)

Shalva Kvinikhidz (2001)

Kristina Rzgoeva (2018)

Nikoloz Tsiklauri (1998)

Levan Tsurtsumia (2006)

Eva Boschen (2010)

Nils Carstensen (2001)

Alexander Ehrle (2012)

Dorota Jadwiga Englender (2014)

Johannes Fuchs (2011)

Jenny Grote (2009)

Deniz Guner (2004)

Daniel Kachelriess (2018)

Patrick Kuebart (2015)

Klaus Leismüller (2017)          

Matthias Maier (2015)             

Nele Matz (2000)

Philipp M. Neuhaus (2000)

Philipp Nickels (2019)

Marco Nielebock (2006)

Julia Pfeil (2003)

Jana K. Ruffman (1998)

Kai Truempler (2004)

Alexandra Zervos (1996)

Audrey Abayena (2016)

Victor Appeah (2011)

Barbara Serwaa Asamoah (2014)

Lawrence Asangongo Apaalse (2014)

Mawuse Vormawor (2015)

Karen Samuel (2004)

Maria Alerta (2004)

Helen Alexiou (2003)

Chris Alexopoulou (2004)

Niki Aloupi (2005)

Michail Angelopoulos (2014)

Dimitrios Angelosopoulos (2013)

Eleni Antoniadou (2013)

Antonis Antonopoulos (2011)

Marina Antonopoulou (2017)

Thomas Avgeris (2003)

Danai Azaria (2004)

Konstantina Botsiou (1998)

Valasia Boulaki (2003)

Tilemachos Bourtzis (2012)

Athina Chanaki (2017)

Evanthia Chatziliasi (2001)

Maria Diagouma (2015)

Marianthi Dertouzou (1999)

Eleni Deveraki (2003)

Ioannis Ferentinos (2012)

Maria Gavouneli (1996)

Eleni Georgopoulou (2013)

Elena Janniki (2002)

Athanasios Kafkalidis (2019)

Alexandra Kampyli (2007) 

Christina-Vasiliki Kanellopoulou (2010)

Persefoni Karanika (2010)

Christos Kastrisios (2015)

Sofia Kokkini (1998)

Alexandros Kolliopoulos (2016)

Konstantina Kolliopoulou (2004)

Anastasios Konstantaras (2014)

Sophia Kopela (2007)

Ioannis Konstantinidis (2009)

Eleni Kotsiyanni (1997)

Sevastianos Kourkoulos (2004)

Christos Ioannis Lamprou (2008)

Petros Liakouras (1996, 1997)

Glykeria Louka (1999)

Agathangelos Loukomites (2002)

Irene-Sevasti Louppi (2002)

Konstantinos Maistrellis (2001)

Aris-Georges Marghelis (2014)

David Marinis (2018)

Eleni Marinou (1997)

Paresa Markianidou (2005)

Sophia Ounanian (2001)

Evrykleia Panagiotou (2011)

Fotini Pantelidou (2002)

Eirini Pantzou (2001)

Artemisia Papadaki (2009)

Efrosini Papageorgiou (2005)

Marios Papandreou (2008)

Kalliopi Papapavlou (1997)

Efthymios Papastavridis (2006)

Elena Paraskevas-Thadani (1998)

Lydia Pnevmaticou (2012)

Paraskevi Renta (2004)

Gerasimos Rodotheatos (2011)

Constantinos Salonidis (2006)

Alexandros Sarris (2011)

Ioannis P. Sasopoulos (2005)

Henrietta Scalieris (1996)

Aphrodite Tarassidou (1997)

Dimitra Tenta (2010)

Olga Theodoroglou (2012)

Vasilis Triantafillos (2002)

George Trichilis (1998)

Constantine Tsagaris (2002)

Maria Tsagkari (2002)

Lemonia Tsaroucha (2007)

Nikolaos Tsokanas (2003)

Ekaterini Tzouni (2000)

Christina Valassopoulou (2015)

Nicolas Vassilakis (2010)

Georgia Veldeki (2016)

George Vlazakis (2008)

Maria Zachariades (2011)

Ioanna Zacharopoulou (2013)

Elias N. Zoidis (2000)

Greenland (Denmark)
Maliina Lyberth (2016)

Lesther Antonio Ortega Lemus (2008)

Shiraz Mohammad (2007)

Asha Singh (2009)

Sofia Cerna (2009)

Octavio P. Espinoza (1996)

Ildikó Ernszt (2004)

Snjólaug Árnadóttir (2014)

Hrannar Már Ásgeirsson (2018)

Helga Bardadóttir (2016)

Brynhildur Benediktsdóttir (2013)  

Íris Bjargmundsdóttir (2014)

Sesselja Bjarnadóttir (2014)

Aevar Bjornsson (2009)

Eythor Bjornsson (2016)

Thorbjorn Bjornsson (2012)

Finnur Thor Birgisson (2006)

Agnar Bragason (2015)

Birgir Buason (2012)

Gudrun Eyjolfsdóttir (2005)

Sigrídur Eyjolfsdóttir (2008)

Glóey Finnsdóttir (2013)

Gunnlaugur Geirsson (2016)

Gylfi Geirsson (2015)

Helgi Gretarsson (2017)

Margrét Guðlaugsdóttir (2010)

Sigurdur Orn Gudleifsson (2003)

Helga Gudmundsdóttir (2015)

Valgerdur Gudmundsdóttir (2011)

Gudni Gunnarsson (2006)

Hrund Hafsteinsdóttir (2015)

Helga Hauksdóttir (2008)

Kristjan Helgason (2011)

Aslaug Holmgeirsdóttir (2011)

Hreinn Hrafankelsson (2008)

William Huntingdon-Williams (2010)

Björgólfur Helgi Ingason (2017)

Arni Jónasson (2009)

Petur Mar Jonsson (2005)

Thor Jonsson (2011)

Erna Jónsdóttir (2017)

Soley Kaldal (2017)

Hrefna Karlsdóttir (2007)

Sigurdur Steinar Ketilsson (2005)

Gudridur Kristjansdóttir (2003)

Lisa Anne Libungan (2019)

Pétur Dam Liefsson (2013)

Ingiridur Ludviksdóttir (2007)

Bjarni Mar Magnusson (2005)

Eggert Ólafsson (2008)

Hugi Ólafsson (2019)

Lárus Ólafsson (2007)

Inga Thorey Oskarsdóttir (2017)

Heidrun Palsdóttir (2011)

Matthias Geir Palsson (2004)

Svava Pétursdóttir (2018)

Bjarni Richter (2007)

Asdis Rögnvaldsdóttir (2009)

Iris Saemundsdóttir (2010)

Gudmundur Siemsen (2002)

Dagmar Sigurdardóttir (2019)

Sesselja Sigurdardóttir (2012)

Agust Sigurdsson (2003)

Arnór Snæbjörnsson (2013)

Anna Pala Sverrisdóttir (2012)

Sigríður Ragna Sverrisdóttir (2008)

Fanney Ros Thorsteinsdóttir (2004)

Ragnar Thorvardarson (2018)

Anna Katrin Vilhjalmsdóttir (2004)

Kjartan Vihjalmsson (2002)

Thorvaldur Hrafn Yngvason (2014)

Sunil Kumar Agarwal (2005)

Mohammad Reza Dabiri (2000)

Siddharth Gyaltsen (1996)

Sindhura Polepalli (2017)

G. Venkatesh Rao (2004)

Bhanu Krishna Kiran Ravella (1998)

Sanjeet Ruhal (2016)

Anjali Sugadev (2015)

Siddharth Shekhar Yadav (2019)

Aisyah Allamanda (2015)

Leonardo Bernard (2011)

Muhammad Burhanudin Borut (2018)

Ajar Buditama (2017)

Djoko Hartoyo (2009)

Dita Liliansa (2019)

Rezal Akbar Nasrun (1997)

Haryo Nugroho (2010)

Gulardi Nurbintoro (2015)

Rike W. Octaviana (2013)

Aditya Salim (2016)

Rayyanul Sangadji (2011)

Rusmana Sayidin (2008)

Desiree Simandjuntak (2015)

Jaya Wijaya (2005)

Abadi Yanto (2004)

Kamran Hashemi (2003)

Izildo Ferreira (2008)

Nicola King (2005)

Ronán Long (2001)

Brian McGarry (2012)

Alain Murphy (2007)

Michelle Eva Portman (2014)

Yael Teff-Seker (2014)

Gemma Andreone (1998)

Marco Boccia (2009)

Ariana Broggiato (2006)

Stefano Brugnatelli (2009)

Andrea Cannone (1997)

Sara Del Bene (2004)

Sarah Fagnani (2011)

Andrea Fusaro (2004)

Pierandrea Leucci (2019)

Emilia Magrone (1998)

Daniele Mandrioli (2019)

Monica Migliarotti (1996)

Eleonora Panella (2014)

Irini Papanicolopulu (1999, 2001)

Elisa Ronchetti (2005)

Seline Trevisanut (2009)

Ivory Coast
Lazare Abe (2009)

Chantal Bennett (2016)

Hazel Edwards (2010)

Stephanie Forte (2019)

O’Neal Francis (2009)

Rochelle Lee (2018)

David A. Prendergast (1996)

Shorna-Kay Richards (2014)

Stacy-Ann Robinson (2009)

Kentaro Furuya (2011)

Naoko Hirai (1997)

Yuta Kusano (2016)

Fumie Shahana (2004)

Tsubasa Yamada (2018)

Daniel Kottut (2001)

Stella Kerubo Orina (2009)

James Ndirangu Waweru (2018)

Korea, South
JangHyun An (2014)

Ji-l Cho (2011)

Yungsok Choe (2013)

Chong-ok Choi (1997)

Hyun-Joo Choi (2001)

Jee Hyun Choi (2016)

Young-in Choi (2018)

Jaemin Choung (2013)

Deukhoon “Peter” Han (2013)

Jenna Ho (2004)

Sunghee Jung (2001)

Heeyoung Kang (2018)

Jeehye Kim (2019)

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Marshall Islands
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New Zealand
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Palestine, State of
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Papua New Guinea
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Puerto Rico (USA)
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Saint Lucia
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Saudi Arabia
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Sierra Leone
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Slovak Republic
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Solomon Islands
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South Africa
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Sri Lanka
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Timor Leste
Adelsia Maria Coelho Da Silva (2017)

Lusitania Dacosta Cornelia Lopes (2014)

Roberto Soares (2019)

‘Ofa Ma’asi Kaisamy (2014)

Trinidad and Tobago
Dwynette D. Eversley (1998)

Nadine Nabie (2019)

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Valeriy Tsalko (2001)

United Arab Emirates
Abdulaziz Alblooshi (2018)

Abdulla Al-Mansoori (2013)

Saif Al Mazrouei (2019)

United Kingdom

Imogen Canavan (2018)

Arron Nicholas Honniball (2014)

Nigel Irvine (2015)

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Nicola Margaret King (2005)

Amber Rose Maggio (2018)

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Rabindra Paramothayan (2018)

Martyn Read (2018)

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Benjamin Thomas Sims (2016)

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United States of America
Michele Ameri (2007)

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Chris Barrows (2010)

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Cuong Viet Do (2016)

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Lan Nguyen (2013)

Lan-Anh Nguyen (2010) (two weeks)

Thang Nguyen-Daug (2009)

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Cuong Hung Nguyen (2018)

Nguyen Thi Trang Nhung (2007)

Dung Pham (2015)

Nguyen Phu Quoc (2007)

Ha Tran (2018)

Minh Tran (2017)

Diep Ngoc Vo (2019)

Hai Dang Vu (2019)

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Tran Hoang Yen (2014)

Yugoslavia, Former Socialist Federal Republic of
Tatjana Ilic (1996)

Dejan Jovanovic (2002)

Jelena Nikcevic (2000)