Offshore Wind: Relevant Expertise and Resources

Below is a list of relevant offshore wind expertise at the University of New Hampshire. For general questions regarding offshore wind please contact Matt Davis (, Faculty Fellow in the UNH Research Office.

UNH Center, Research Lab



Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (CORE)

wind turbine and wind farm fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing, resource assessment

Martin Wosnik

Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM)

ocean mapping, hydrography, seafloor characterization, data visualization, acoustic sensing

Larry Mayer

Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory (OPAL)

biochemical and physical dynamics of oceans and ocean ecosystems, coastal ocean circulation, remote sensing of wind and waves

Kai Ziervogel

Center for Ocean Engineering (COE)

ocean engineering, offshore structures, mooring systems, coastal processes

Martin Wosnik

Center for Acoustics Research and Education (CARE)

marine and terrestrial acoustics sampling and analysis related to national security, food security, energy, environment, and health

Jennifer Miksis-Olds

Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML)

remote marine field station located on Appledore Island, 6 nautical miles off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine; seabird ecology, recovery, and habitat management, sustainability. Long term population studies and data for seals, landbirds, gulls, terns, other seabirds. Tall infrastructure (radar tower) for research instrumentation or data relay from sea

Jennifer Seavey

Atlantic Marine Aquaculture Center (AMAC)

offshore aquaculture platforms, multi-trophic aquaculture, steelhead trout, kelp, shrimp, oysters, mussels

Michael Chambers

Coastal Marine Laboratory (CML)

study and culture of finfish, crustaceans, echinoderms, bivalves, gastropods, micro- and macro-algae, and zooplankton

Nathan Rennels

NH Sea Grant

responsible stewardship of NH’s ocean, coastal, and estuarine resources

Erik Chapman

Hubbard Center for Genome Studies

comprehensive genomics and bioinformatics services, including marine eDNA analysis and application

Kelley Thomas

Carsey School of Public Policy

community impact, community engagement, project finance, economic and fiscal impact, policymaking, general-public knowledge and perceptions

Michael Ettlinger

Applied Recreation Research Collaborative (ARRC) Laboratory

recreation resource management, natural resource management, energy development impacts, public perceptions, parks and protected areas, social impact assessment

Michael Ferguson


Sustainability Institute

food system sustainability, water stewardship, ecosystem services, and integrated climate change adaptation and mitigation

Fiona Wilson

Earth Systems Research Center

climate change, coastal resilience, GIS and mapping

Cameron Wake