Center for Ocean Renewable Energy

wave tank demo

center for Ocean renewable energy

The Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (CORE) provides multiple-scale research, technology development and evaluation, education, and outreach related to Ocean Renewable Energy systems.

CORE operates open-water test sites for tidal energy conversion in Great Bay Estuary, at the General Sullivan Bridge (Rt. 4/16 bridges) and at the Memorial Bridge (downtown Portsmouth, NH) and an offshore test site that has seen a number of  deployments of wave energy converters and open ocean aquaculture systems over the past 20 years.

UNH CORE near the General Sullivan Bridge


The UNH Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (CORE) physical infrastructure is unique in terms of proximity, ease of access, and favorable test site characteristics.


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Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, NH


CORE conducts projects related to ocean renewable energy. This includes marine hydrokinetic (MHK) energy conversion, tidal and wave energy, and offshore wind energy.  

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Wave Energy Offshore Test Site

Data Sets & Publications

Data sets are available for select open-source configurations (e.g. reference models) for tidal energy converters and model offshore wind farm studies

Publications: peer-reviewed journal papers, conference papers and extended abstracts, theses. 

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Tidal Energy Test Site of the UNH Center for Ocean Renewable Energy

This video shows the Tidal Energy Test Site of the UNH Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (UNH-CORE) on an ebb tide. The video was shot from aboard the R/V Gulf Challenger while performing vessel-mounted ADCP-transects to capture the spatial structure of the tidal flow (Fall 2010).