R/V Gulf Challenger - Charter and Rate Information

COVID-19 Updates: The Gulf Challenger has resumed limited underway operations to internal and external users. All trips based from our home port of New Castle, NH. Up to  7-8 hours time underway. Mandatory mask, distancing and sanitary requirements. No more than 6 people aboard (2 boat crew, up to 4 science crew). Please inquire for further information

The R/V Gulf Challenger is available for charter to private and public groups for research or educational purposes.  To schedule the R/V Gulf Challenger, please email Captain Bryan Soares or call (603) 781-0254 Charter rates are as listed below. 

Vessel Calendar

Charter Rates - Effective July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Use Area Full Day* Rate Half Day* Rate Hourly* Rate
Estuarine <10 knots speed $1641 $820 $258
Inshore (<10 miles from port) $1979 $989 $323
Offshore (>10 miles from port) $2613 $1306 $435
Transit (between Portsmouth and another working port) $2613 $1306 $435
Day >5 hours and < or = to 12 hours
Half Day up to 5 hours
Hourly applies to >5 and <8 hours (>8 to <12 hours considered a full day)
Extended Day >12 hours and up to 24 hours (150% of day rate)
Note: A 50% user surcharge will apply to extended days and whenever extra or relief crew is required to be aboard.
The Gulf Challenger is based at the UNH Marine facility in New Castle; departures from Jackson Estuarine Laboratory may require up to 3 hours of additional time at the estuarine rate to repostion the vessel.
Other Charges that may be applicable
Loading time Requiring crew's presence, will be charged at the minimum hourly rate or counted as time underway.
CTD Rosette Water Sampler $140/day plus $36/hour for UNH to provide a technicial to set up and operate the equipment underway.
Late cancellations A late cancellation fee of 25% of the daily rate will be assessed to a user who cancels a cruise less than 48 hours ahead, unless the cancellation is approved by the captain for weather or safety conditions. If a cancellation occurs in another port, the user will be billed for port expenses and crew per diem.
Other charges When away from home port, user must pay for mooring fees, electricity, etc.