Ocean Discovery Challenge - Questions and Answers

  1. The event runs from Nov. 1 – 15, do I have to play the entire time and complete all mission?
    Players can participate in all or some of the missions. It’s up to you on how much time you spend. Just come and have fun!

  2. Do I play as an individual, family, classroom, or group? All are possible!
    Participants may choose to play as an individual, however an individual can represent a team such as a teacher representing a classroom. Teams might be a family, group of friends, scout troops, school classrooms, etc. 
  1. Can I compete against my friends or colleagues?
    The leader board will be public to all so participants can track how they are doing compared to other participants. 
  1. Can I play on a desktop computer? 
    GooseChase is only available as an app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device. 
  1. Do I need to create a GooseChase profile?
    No, participants are not required to create their own personal GooseChase account to play. Participants can skip registering for an account (or logging in) and jump right into joining the game. 
  1. How do I get a game code?
    Participants must register through UNH to get the game code. Register here. 
  1. What age groups is the game appropriate for? 
    The missions vary in complexity. Most missions are appropriate for any age group. No mission is mandatory, and you can select which missions you would like to accomplish.  
  1. Is there a fee to play?
    No, this is a free event.  
  1. How are missions accomplished?  
  1. Photo/video-based missions – Participants will be asked to take a picture or video as they complete missions such as an experiment, drawing a picture, walking like a crab! or similar activity and upload to the game. 
  1. Text based missions – Participants may be asked to visit a website or physical location or watch a video and will then be asked a question. The question will be submitted from your mobile device into the game.  
  1. Are my answers shared with the public?
    All participants are asked to sign a waiver upon registration. You can choose to release only text responses or your photos, videos, and text responses. It is your choice! 
  1. When do I know if I have won a prize? 
    Participants will be notified by November 22, 2021. 
  1. How do I get a sticker?
    Stickers will be mailed to all who play the game and have provided their mailing address during registration. Stickers will be mailed by December 15, 2021. Not sure if you provided your mailing address? Email marine.information@unh.edu
  1. What if I have a question? 
  1. Questions about the game can be directed to marine.information@unh.edu 
  1. Questions related to the GooseChase app should be directed to:  hi@goosechase.com