Wave Energy Test Site

Wave Energy Test Site

The wave energy test site is located at the UNH Atlantic Marine Aquaculture (AMAC) site, which covers an area of 30 acres in 170 ft (52 m) of water approximately 6 miles from the New Hampshire coast. It has been successfully deployed under extreme New England winter conditions as a demonstration site for open ocean aquaculture for the past 10 years.

Wave Energy Offshore Test Site

The site has a subsurface mooring system and a large feed buoy (AMAC) is available as a useable platform and a potential end user load for any wave energy extraction device. The site comes with a dedicated 50 ft research vessel (Meriel B). Available environmental data consisting of wave monitoring, benthic and water column environmental data, and bathymetry obtained by the UNH Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (C-COM) will be essential for the quick successful deployment of a given energy extraction device, and makes this a cost effective wave energy test site.

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