R/V Gulf Surveyor

R/V Gulf Surveyor is a state-of-the-art platform for hydrographic research, and the newest addition to the UNH SMSOE fleet.

She is a 48-foot, twin screw, geared diesel, propeller driven catamaran built in 2015, and commissioned in January 2016. Her aluminum hull utilizes the Technicraft design, providing a balanced combination of stability and comfort in a variety of sea states.

She is Coast Guard certified to carry up to 18 passengers on a Coastwise Route in the Gulf of Maine (not more than 20 nautical miles offshore). 

R/V Gulf Surveyor has a top speed of ~18kts and cruises at ~14kts. Her minimum operating speed is ~3kts while towing scientific gear. Speed is limited to ~8kts during survey operations depending on the sonar mounted.

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