Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex
29 Wentworth Road
New Castle, NH

FROM THE WEST: Take 101 East to Stratham to the 108 North Exit. Turn left at the light at the bottom of the ramp onto Route 108 North to the Stratham Circle, and then take Route 33 East.

(*) Continue on Route 33 approximately one mile. On your right hand side you will see Calvary Cemetery. Turn right at the stop light onto Peverly Hill Road.  Go approximately one mile to Route One.  Market Basket will be on your right. Proceed across Route One (go straight) onto Elwyn Road.

(**) Follow Elwyn Road 1 ¼ mile to Foyes Corner (round about) and proceed ¾ of the way around onto Sagamore Road (1A). Go for approximately ½ mile to Wentworth Road (1B). Turn right onto Wentworth Road (1B). Pass the Wentworth by the Sea Golf Course on your right hand side. Continue on past Little Harbor, the marina and the “Wentworth by the Sea” hotel for approximately 1 mile. At this point the main road takes a sharp 90 degree turn to the left - GO STRAIGHT. You will see signs for Fort Constitution and the Coast Guard. Turn right at the Large Coast Guard sign. Please note: The speed limit in New Castle is 25 mph and is enforced.

FROM THE SOUTH: Route 95N, Exit 3 (Route 33, Portsmouth) go right off the Exit and follow directions above from the (*).

FROM THE NORTH: Route 95S Exit 5, Portsmouth Circle. Take Route 1 South out of the Portsmouth Circle. When you reach the lights with a strip mall and Market Basket on the right, turn left onto Elwyn Road and follow directions above from (**).