Faculty Advisors

All CARPE student applications require a letter or support and commitment from a faculty advisor or first-year faculty mentor. Bellow are benefits and responsibilities of having a student participate in this program. (Note that students pursuing PhDs will be eligible to apply for a 1-year CARPE fellowship to support tuition and stipend during their second year in the program)  

Please send the letter of support to carpe-nrt@unh.edu...or contact Ruth Varner or Katharine Duderstadt directly if you have a graduate student (MS or PhD) interested in joining the CARPE program.  (We will begin reviewing appilications on February 1st) 

What are the benefits to you as a CARPE Faculty Advisor? 

  • Gain tangible experience in bringing NSF's Big Idea of Convergence Research into your research team and scholarship. 
  • Broaden the reach of your research into Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. 
  • Develop expertise in community engagements and co-production of knowledge with Indigenous communities and local stakeholders,
  • Diversify your research teams. 
  • Help graduate education at UNH evolve to meet 21st century challenges. 


What are the benefits to your students as CARPE Trainees? 

  • Receive valuable mentorship and support through the CARPE faculty team and student peer cohorts. 
  • Benefit from the CARPE Individual Development Plans connecting the student's graduate education with the development of future career ambitions and pathways. 
  • Learn how to work with interdisciplinary teams and engage with communities to develop specific and compelling scientific initiatives addressing societally relevant problems 
  • Participate in training and develop valuable skills in Communication, Ethics, Teamwork, and Career Readiness. 
  • Both PhD and Masters students engaged in CARPE courses and activities are eligible for 1-year of funding (stipend, tuition, fees) as well as summer internship funds. 


What are your responsibilities as a Faculty Advisor? 

  • Participate in pre-program training (held annually at the Shoals Marine Lab in August)
  • Attend UNH’s Mentor Academy (offered in Spring as part of a UNH EPSCoR grant)
  • Meet annually with the Program Director, Coordinator, Evaluator, and Student Advisee to track timely progress toward PhD degree and fulfillment of goals outlined in the student's Individual Development Plan. 


CARPE promotes transformative graduate training – where convergent scientific research and mutually beneficial partnerships with Indigenous and local communities becomes the norm rather than the exception.