Please contact CARPE Director Ruth Varner or Project Coordinator Kathy Duderstadt for guidance on applying to UNH Graduate School and the CARPE program

 CARPE ApplicatioN will open in Fall 2022 

This application is in addition to your formal application to a specific UNH Graduate Department. While you can apply to CARPE at any time, you must be accepted to a UNH Graduate Program in order to be eligible for the CARPE program. 
The CARPE application will ask for:
  1. Personal information – name, address, phone, demographic information
  2. UNH Graduate program information – department(s), disciplines, advisor (if available)
  3. Essay questions (up to 250 words each) 
    • What do you hope to gain from the CARPE program?
    • What are your research interests or current research projects?
    • What are your interests or experiences with Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions?
    • Please provide any additional information that you would like us to know. 
  4. Identify potential interest in the 1-year CARPE Fellowship offered in Year 2 of training
  5. A letter of support from a UNH faculty advisor of 1st year faculty mentor