Please contact CARPE Project Coordinator Kathy Duderstadt 
for additional guidance on applying to UNH Graduate School and the CARPE program

 CARPE Application – For Fall 2023 

This application is in addition to your formal application to a specific UNH Graduate Department. While you can apply to CARPE at any time, you must be accepted to a UNH Graduate Program in order to be eligible for the CARPE program. 
The CARPE application will ask for:
  1. Personal information – name, address, phone, demographic information
  2. UNH Graduate program information – department(s), disciplines, advisor (if available)
  3. Essay questions (up to 250 words each) 
    • What do you hope to gain from the CARPE program?
    • What are your research interests or current research projects?
    • What are your interests or experiences with Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions?
    • Please provide any additional information that you would like us to know. 
  4. Identify potential interest in the 1-year CARPE Fellowship offered in Year 2 of training
  5. A letter of support from a UNH faculty advisor of 1st year faculty mentor