Center for Sustainable Seafood Systems

Two people on aquaculture structure with boat.

Center for Sustainable Seafood Systems

Our mission is to apply sound science and engineering practices to seafood production in ways that:

Provide educational opportunities and skills to our future US workforce, Innovate seafood technologies and practices through interdisciplinary research, Collaborate with industry and other partners to promote responsible seafood, Communicate our findings to benefit communities, the environment, and society

Research from UNH helmed by David Berlinsky with Linas Kenter is developing saltwater striped bass aquaculture,
paving the way for a new industry to grow striped bass.


Arial view of marine complex by the ocean.

From Durham, NH to the NH seacoast, UNH has five research facilities well-equipped to support sustainable seafood systems

Oysters in the Great Bay

Researchers at UNH are involved in various multidisciplanary projects from aquaculture to sustainable fisheries

Image of man holding fish net with shrimp inside.

UNH is spreading the word about how Aquaculture benefits people, our economy, and the environment