The Department of Biological Sciences offers the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees in zoology.  Areas of specialization include physiology, cell and molecular biology, and ecology.  Because of its proximity to New Hampshire’s coast, the university has research facilities that take advantage of the freshwater, estuarine, coastal and oceanic environments.  The faculty emphasizes using marine or freshwater organisms as experimental systems.

Degree Options

M.S. Degree

Students will plan a program of study (minimum of 30 credits) with a faculty advisory committee.  They are requited to complete a thesis (6 to 10 credits) and pass a thesis defense, which will include questions covering general knowledge in zoology addition to specific questions relevant to the student’s research at UNH.

Ph.D. Degree

Students will work with a faculty advisory committee to plan their program of study.  They will present to the committee a research proposal that clearly reveals the soundness, originality and feasibility of their investigative ideas, and which, when approved, will serve as the basis of the doctoral dissertation.  After passing qualifying examinations, all students must complete an original dissertation project, present the results at a public seminar, and pass an oral defense consisting of questions posed by members of the dissertation committee.