Wave - Tow Tank

Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory - Wave/Tow TankThe tank, approximately 120' long, 12' wide and 8' deep, offers a 90' test length in which test bodies can be towed, subjected to wave action, or both. The Tow Tank is used for a variety of ocean engineering research projects as well as commercial science.  Click here to learn more.

Data Acquisition

The tank includes an on-board electronics cabinet which provides enough continuous on-board power to run state-of-the-art measurement tools, e.g. particle image velocimetry (PIV). It also contains auxiliary servo drives for automated instrument positioning and/or turbine speed control. The data acquisition system allows streaming of measurement data over Ethernet to the main host PC, providing improved integration and synchronization.

Wave Maker

Wave creation is possible using a hydraulic flapper style wavemaker which can produce 2 to 5 second waves of maximum amplitude 0.5m. The wave destruction or ‘beach’ is a saw tooth style geo-textile construction which has an average 92% efficiency in the frequency range specified.

The tank's motion and control system is a belt-driven AC servo system, providing precise positioning capabilities with maximum acceleration and tow power.

The wave maker software allows tank users to develop regular or random seas using a variety of spectra such as Bretsneider, JONSWAP, and Berskon-Moskowitz. The 32-bit user interface is written in LabView and resides on the main control station PC.

Contact: Laura Gustafson for scheduling information.