Travel and Education Funding

School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering Travel and Education Support Program

This program is intended to provide partial travel support to present the results of marine science and ocean engineering research at regional, national and international meetings. Support is available to all School faculty, graduate students, and staff, with a strong preference given to graduate students. This program also provides educational support. These requests are treated similarly to travel requests.

Available Funding

The maximum travel support provided is the registartion fee and half of the cost of travel (air fare, ground transportation) for one meeting per person per year, not to exceed $600. The program does not support living expenses (hotel, meals) associated with travel. Overall program support is limited to $10,000 per year, thus funds may not be available to fulfill all requests.

Program Limitations

  • The program will consider no more than one travel or education request per individual in any 12-month period.
  • Due to the level of competition for travel/education funds, we are unable to support travel to meetings by individuals who are not presenting papers/posters.
  • Co-funding from other sources is expected.
  • Funds not expended within 30 days following the event will be returned to the program for future funding competitions.
  • Students receiving funds are expected to participate in at least one SMSOE sponsored outreach program such as a poster presentation at the annual SMSOE Graduate Research Symposium or participate in Ocean Discovery Day.

To Apply

  1. Applicants must complete a Travel and Education Support Request Application and submit to the School Office with an abstract of presentation and travel itinerary.
  2. Graduate students must request a letter of recommendation from their advisor or sponsor.
  3. Request for education support should include registration information, a brief description of the workshop and reason for attending.
  4. Applications can be submitted electronically to
    or by mail to:
    UNH School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering
    Morse Hall, Room 113
    8 College Road
    Durham, NH 03824

When to Apply

  • Support for assistance can be requested anytime during the year.
  • Requests must be made one month before traveling.
  • Requests for assistance will not be accepted after the travel is complete