Facilities and Laboratories

 Wave TankJEL OystersVessel ChallengerChase Visualization Lab

The School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering has extensive facilities and support units that serve its marine education, research and outreach programs. 

Major facilities include:

In addition, the Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Research Laboratory (AFAIR Lab) facilitates the study of marine/freshwater fish and aquatic invertebrates.  Other laboratories on campus, including James, Morse, Rudman and Spaulding Halls, are homes for numerous marine faculty in the School.

UNH operates two research vessels: Its flagship, the R/V Challenger, and the purpose-built R/V Coastal Surveyor, as well as a fleet of small estuarine vessels.  These boats allow researchers to efficiently carry out a wide range of research activities in both offshore and near-shore waters.