Research at Shoals Marine Laboratory

Palmer-Kinne Lab sea table by Sarah MacLeanSustainable engineering intern with mentor.  Photo by David BrownHarbor seal at Shoals Marine Laboratory
In addition to serving as an educational facility for undergraduates, scientists from across the country conduct research at the Isle of Shoals every summer.  Recent and ongoing projects include:
  • Long-term studies of the Herring Gull and the Great black-backed gull.
  • An air quality study at the island’s AIRMAP (Atmospheric Investigation, Regional Modeling, Analysis and Prediction) observatory
  • A survey of nesting seabirds on the Isles of Shoals.
  • White Island Tern restoration.
  • Detection and assessment of invasive species.

For a complete listing of current research projects at SML and to learn about how to become part of the SML research community, please visit SML Research.