Undergraduate Studies

The University of New Hampshire offers a number of degree and minor options to students pursuing their undergraduate degrees in marine science and ocean engineering.  A significant number of students interested in marine science and ocean engineering pursue degrees in core physical science, social science and engineering disciplines while working with faculty within the School to develop hands-on research opportunities in marine science and ocean engineering.

Earth Sciences with an Option in Oceanography

The B.S. degree in earth sciences with an option in oceanography fosters an understanding of the ocean environment that will prepare students for graduate school or employment opportunities in ocean-related fields such as aquaculture, fishing, tourism, environmental protection, shipping, construction and education.

Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology

The B.S. degree in marine, estuarine and freshwater biology provides a broad undergraduate education focused on aquatic habitats and organisms.

Ocean Engineering

The B.S. degree in ocean engineering helps students acquire core knowledge about engineering as it relates to the ocean and coastal zone.

Oceanography Minor

For those wanting a broad background in oceanography, the oceanography minor is available to all students at the university.

Wetland Ecology Minor

The minor in wetland ecology allows students in biology and related majors to focus on wetland science and management.