Northeast Consortium

Northeast Consortium

Based at Morse Hall on UNH’s Durham campus, the Northeast Consortium (NEC) supports research and monitoring partnerships among commercial fishermen, scientists, and other stakeholders in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank.  It administers funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through open competitions.

The Consortium is comprised of four research institutions – UNH, the University of Maine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – and is directed by Dr. Christopher Glass at UNH.  It funds research in the general area of socioeconomics/education, gear technology, habitat/ecosystem/monitoring, fish biology, and stock assessment/enhancement.  Recent projects have included investigations of:

  • The migration patterns of winter flounder tagged along the Maine Coast.
  • Environmental monitors on lobster traps.
  • The application of broadband sonar technology for fisheries assessment and research.
  • Fishing practices of divers in the Maine sea urchin fishery.
  • The bycatch of regulated fish by fishing boats off the coasts of Massachusetts and Maine.

The Consortium also funds two Marine Science Graduate Fellowships for students conducting research related to NEC’s mission.

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