Diving Program

Diving Program

UNH Academic SCUBA Program

Diving courses are offered for credit through the Department of Kinesiology. SCUBA certification is offered through NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors).

KIN 533 - Basic SCUBA

Credits: 3.00
This course is a full semester in the fundamentals of scuba diving. After completing a medical history questionnaire and passing a swim test, students learn the fundamentals of scuba diving through a progressive series of classroom lectures and pool sessions. The students will gain the knowledge and skill necessary to conduct themselves with competence underwater. A high emphasis is placed on safety and problem prevention. Once the students are ready, further training takes place in an open ocean environment. NAUI Certification is granted for successful completion of all course requirements and at least five open-water dives. Strong swimming ability required. Special fee.

KIN 730 - Research Diving Techniques

Credits: 4.00
This course will take previously certified divers with the "need" to assist, or conduct research underwater , and train them in the methods, and specific techniques of scientific diving programs. This course will progressively build upon the basic diving skills until the student is knowledgeable and competent. The course will culminate with a small research project formulated and implemented by the students. Prereq: SCUBA certification, department approval. Special fee. (Also offered as ZOOL 730.)

KIN 735 - Advanced SCUBA

Credits: 4.00
Classroom, pool, and open-water "hands-on" application in advanced diving techniques. The student's diving ability will progress to become safer and highly educated in a variety of diving disciplines. Topics covered are: navigation, search and recovery, low visibility/night diving, surface supplied diving, boat diving, accident management hyperbaric medicine, and physiology and scientific research methods for divers. Special fee. Lab.