Coastal Response Research Center

Coastal Response Research Center

Located in Gregg Hall at UNH’s main campus in Durham, the Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC) stimulates innovation in spill preparedness, response, assessment, and implementation of optimum spill recovery strategies.  Established as a partnership between UNH and the National Ocean Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Center’s primary purpose is to bring together the resources of a research-oriented university and the field expertise of the NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration. 

The Center involves individuals and institutions, public and private, in identifying needs, evaluating and demonstrating promising technologies, and fostering their use as part of new, integrative approaches to response and restoration.  Co-directed by UNH professor Dr. Nancy Kinner and NOAA scientist Dr. Amy Merten, its staff of six also includes two UNH research engineers.  Ten researchers are affiliated with the CRRC, including UNH faculty in the departments of mechanical engineering, sociology and earth sciences.

Center-funded projects include investigations of:

  • The effects of crude and dispersed oil on Chinook salmon smolts.
  • The effects of emulsions produced in estuaries after an oil spill.
  • Social disruption from oil spills and spill response.
  • The physical and chemical causes of heavy oil submergence.
  • Aquatic turtles to assess long-term effect of nest oiling on early embryonic development.

Program Information


Nancy Kinner

  • Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • UNH Director of The Coastal Response Center (CRRC)
  • Director of The Center for Spills in the Environment

Gregg Hall, Room 236

Durham, NH 03824

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