The Department of Earth Sciences offers a B.S. in earth sciences with a concentration in oceanography, and also offers a minor in oceanography.  

The Degree

The program provides students an opportunity to obtain a general background in earth sciences while taking courses in oceanography.  A comprehensive understanding of the ocean environment will prepare students for graduate school or for employment opportunities in ocean-related fields such as aquaculture, fishing, tourism, environmental protection, shipping, construction, government regulation and education.

Students should contact the Department of Earth Sciences for additional information.

The Minor

The minor in oceanography is available to all students in the University interested in obtaining a broad background in oceanography and is offered through the Department of Earth Sciences. Students interested in learning more about the oceanography minor should contact the minor adviser, Dr. James Pringle, jpringle@unh.edu to complete an Intent to Minor form no later than their junior year. Forms can be picked up in the Earth Sciences departmental office, 214 James Hall.