Ocean Discovery Day - Public Open House Program - 2018

Happening all day...

3-D Sandbox - Use a 3D sandbox to learn about seafloor mapping and underwater topography
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV's) - AUV's are pushing the envelope of bathymetric and seafloor characterization. Robotic vehicles can automate data collection when equipped with state-of-the-art hydrographic survey gear and oceanographic sensors modified for use on robotic platforms. New algorithms and data processing methods are being designed that can stream-line processing on the vessel in real-time and in post-processing ashore. The goal is to simplify the painstaking effort of producing the highest quality hydrographic data for nautical charting.
Coastal Bathymetry Survey System - Hop aboard UNH's C-Bass and take a selfie! C-Bass is a modify Jet Ski used by researchers to measure the coastal floor.
Corals - Did you know there are corals in the Gulf of Maine? Come learn about them and try your hand at a fun craft project while you are there!
Deep Ocean Exploration "Sea Perch" Program - Operate an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
Does it float? Here the basics of buoyancy are taught with some simple hands-on experiments.
Explore the Great Bay's amazing habitats - Touch and see live horsecrabs and learn about their history, habits and use in research.
Fish Printing - Make prints with fish and paint using Gyotaku, a Japanese art of fish painting
Flinking - Use a mini-sub to test buoyancy.
Lobsters! Measure and band live lobsters!
Marine Mammals - How do whales stay warm in cold water? What do they eat? Learn about whales and other marine mammals in this hands-on activities.
Marine Mammal Rescue - Do you know what to do if you find a seal or other marine mammal on the beach? The Seacoast Science Center will be on hand to let you know how and to share with their experiences with marine mammal rescues.
Moon Jellyfish - Moon Jellyfish are capable of only limited motion and drifts with the current. See for yourself!
Multi-trophic Aquaculture - UNH marine biologist and ocean engineers are working collaboratively to develop new methods of multi-trophic aquaculture locally and worldwide.
Nudribranch - Nudribranch are bottom-dwelling, jelly-bodied, shell-less mollusks. Use a microscope to watch these animals and see how their heart beats at different temperatures!
Ocean Visualization - Learn how researchers see patterns in the ocean.
Ocean Chemistry at UNH - UNH scientist use Niskin bottles to collect samples at sea. Stop by and try filling up a sample bottle and learn how these samples are processed in the laboratory.
Ocean Currents - Educators stop by Educational Passages table and where you can learn more about making and tracking miniboats to study ocean currents and wind.
Oils & Water! - Researchers will discuss how oil is produced and transported. Examples of different types of oils will be available. Volunteers will demonstrate how oil and water interact and various methods to clean up oil when it is spilled in the water.
Plate Tectonics - Here is a chance to learn what plate tectonics means for our oceans and shores in a hands-on demonstration.
UNH Research Vessels - Come meet the crew and see Lego models of some of UNH's research vessels! These vessels play an important role in science and are equipped with some of the most advanced technology available.
Sea Monsters and Whales Tale -  Ever wonder what a whale sounds like underwater? Come test your underwater listening skills.
Squids! - Dissect a Squid. (This is a popular activity with limited squid. Arrive early for best chances to dissect a squid!)
Virtual Ocean Exploration - Learn how researchers see patterns in the ocean.
Wind Energy - Come construct a wind turbine and learn how these turbines are used to create energy.
Zego - UNH's newest boat used to map the seafloor in shallow water environments.
And more...
Diving in at Ocean Discovery Day!

Diving demonstrations held throughout the day!

Saturday, September 29, 2018
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory
UNH Durham

Operate an ROV!

Operate an ROV at Ocean Discovery Day!

Blue lobster at Ocean Discovery Day.

Meet our blue lobster!