Marine Policy Minor

Marine Policy Minor

R/V Gulf Challenger

Effective management of human activities in ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes areas is critical to our future. UNH is launching a new minor in marine policy that is open to all students to help address this challenge.

We are pleased to announce new courses associated with the Marine Policy Minor.

MARI 705 - Introduction to Marine Policy - Required Course

This course provides a foundation for students from various backgrounds to understand U.S. marine policy and how it relates to their future careers in research, policy, law, or management. While focused on U.S. marine policy, the course also provide international context, including the U.N. Law of the Sea and other related conventions on pollution, fisheries, and resource protection.

MARI 405 - Introduction to Marine Mammal Science and Policy - Elective

This course embarks on the scientific discovery of marine mammals through the intersection of marine policy, physics, biology, and societal value of the ocean. Marine mammal and human interactions will be related to specific marine laws protective of the major taxonomic groups. Students will receive an introduction to marine mammal evolution, morphological and physiological adaptations, ecology, and behavior. These foundational concepts will convey to students the intent of marine policy protective of marine mammals.




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Curriculum & Requirements

The minor requires 5 courses for a total of 20 credits.
Required Course:
MARI: 705
Two of the Following Courses:
MARI: 405
CEE: 520, 705
ECON: 706, 708
MEFB: 507, 515, 702
NR: 437, 602, 701, 720, 754, 786
NUTR: 703
PHIL: 450
POLT: 444
At least one of the following:
ESCI: 501, 502, 750
MEFB: 503, 535, 674, 725
OE: 521, 690
Additional Approved Courses:
ME: 706
NR: 403, 435, 711, 784, 785, 795
POLT: 751
SOC: 565, 665