Robert Robertson

Associate Professor of Resource Economics & Development

Ph.D.University of Illinois at U/C, 1990

Research Areas

Social Impacts of the Development of Commercially Viable Groundfish Aquaculture Industry in the Northeast, Non-point Pollution Management Practices in the Oyster River Watershed, public policy, environmental sociology

Research Emphasis

Tourism, Community Development, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management and Development

Courses Taught

  • TOUR 400: Introduction to Tourism
  • TOUR 510: Tourism and Global Understanding
  • TOUR 560: Special Topics (Heritage Tourism Planning and Rural Tourism development
  • TOUR 705/RAM 805: Ecotourism: Development for the Environment
  • TOUR 767/RAM 867


University-Based Education & Training Programs in Ecotourism or Nature Based Tourism in the USA", Journal of Natural Resources and Agriculture Education, 1996.

"Off-farm Impacts of Soil Erosion of Recreation: The Case of Red Rock Reservoir in Central Iowa", Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 1994.

"The Interface Between Commercial & Industrial Development and Recreation Use in an Urban River Corridor" Journal of Leisure Research, 1993.

"Voluntary Compliance as a Scenic and Cultural Resource Protection Tool: A Critical Review of Wisconsin's Rustic Road Program", Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 1993.


University of New Hampshire
Department of Natural Resources & the Environment
310 James Hall
56 College Road
Durham, NH 03824

Research Areas: 
Environmental Sociology
Marine Policy