Joel Johnson

Associate Professor of Geology

Ph.D. Oregon State University 2004

Research  Areas

Marine geology, Quaternary sedimentology & stratigraphy

Research Emphasis

Prof. Johnson's research interests lie within the field of marine geology and have evolved from a background in traditional terrestrial geology, structural geology and tectonics, sedimentology, and oceanography. For more information, please visit his webpage at CEPS – Joel E. Johnson

Courses Taught

  • Freshman Field Seminar ESCI 400
  • Introduction to Oceanography ESCI 501
  • Sedimentology ESCI 754/854
  • Geotectonics (co-taught) ESCI 756/856
  • Optical Mineralogy and Petrography (co-taught) ESCI 614
  • Advance Seminar in Oceanography (co-taught) ESCI 993
  • Graduate Seminar in Earth Sciences ESCI 997
  • Grand Canyon Seminar (co-taught) ESCI 796-7/896-7
  • Earth Systems Science for Teachers (co-taught) ESCI 795
  • Research Techniques in Earth System Science for Teachers (co-taught) ESCI 895


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Department of Earth Sciences
James Hall
56 College Road
Durham, NH 03824

Research Areas: 
Geological Oceanography