Doug Vandemark

  • Research Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Earth, Oceans & Space
  • Director, Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory (OPAL)

Ph.D. University of New Hampshire, 2005

Research Areas

Ocean remote sensing, air-sea interaction, ocean observing systems

Research Emphasis

My research interests lie in ocean remote sensing with a focus on air-sea interaction. My specific research in these areas involves radar oceanography including microwave altimetry, scatterometry, and synthetic aperture radar as well as remote measurement techniques and models for directional ocean wave spectra, air-sea momentum flux and gas transfer parameterizations, and wind-wave interactions. One focus has been data fusion of coincident ocean satellite observations to improve how satellites estimate parameters such as near-surface winds, sea level, and currents. Another ongoing research activity involves the study of oceanic carbon dioxide variability in coastal waters as well as the remote sensing of greenhouse gas air-sea fluxes using satellite ocean surface wind, temperature, and color measurements.  Most recently, we are engaged in work with the new ocean salinity measurement satellites SMOS and Aquarius.


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University of New Hampshire
Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory
161 Morse Hall
8 College Road
Durham, NH 03824

Research Areas: 
Ocean Remote Sensing
Physical Oceanography