The Effects of Natural and Restored Oyster Reefs on Water Quality

Funded by NOAA's National Estuarine Research Reserve, Graduate Research Fellowship Program; awarded to Mark Capone, 2005-2007, this project is focused on various ecological processes associated with restored and natural oyster reefs. It will provide information that will complement other ongoing programs aimed at better understanding the ecology and restoration of the eastern oyster in Great Bay.

Nannie Islands

Nannie Island restoration/study site


In situ fluorometer measuring seston uptake over a restored reef (Nannie Island)

Oysters Mark

Mark displaying 2 year old oysters from a restored reef

Oyster Shell

Oyster shell from 2 areas in Great Bay showing the difference in algal fouling between sites


Ray Grizzle


Research Professor of Zoology

Jackson Estuarine Laboratory
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