SMSOE Seminar Series

The School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering invites you to our monthly seminar series! Starting March 1 and repeating monthly through May, this series is designed to bring the UNH and local marine communities together to learn, discuss, network and hopefully to develop new ideas and ways to collaborate with partners both on and off campus. Each seminar will include several short talks relating to the seminar's theme, followed by an opportunity for questions, and a social. Light refreshments and cash bar will be available. The seminars are launched with the following goals in mind:

  • Promote awareness and identity for the SMSOE Community both within and outside of UNH.
  • Build connections both on- and off-campus among UNH researchers, students, educators, stakeholders and others around important topics related to marine and coastal resources.
  • Facilitate discussions that will help focus research and other efforts to effectively address challenges and opportunities facing management of marine and coastal resources.

The event is designed to include one hour of presentations and Q&A followed by a one-hour social.

May Seminar

Humpback whale song spectogram

Ocean Acoustics: a sound perspective on ocean dynamics.

Acoustic signals, as opposed to visual and chemical signals, can propagate long distances in the ocean and provide a means for marine life and humans to gain information about the environment.  Innovation in underwater recording technology now permits the remote monitoring of vocalizing animals and the environment without the need to rely on human observers, the physical presence of an ocean observation vessel, or adequate visibility and sampling conditions. Passive acoustic technology can be used non-invasively to assess environmental sound levels, surface conditions, human activity, and the distribution and biodiversity of vocalizing marine life.  Active acoustic technology provides a high-resolution (in both time and space) measure of biological (zooplankton and fish abundance and distribution) and physical oceanographic processes (methane seeps, internal waves, and frontal systems) through time series of acoustic backscatter measurements. 


Dr. Jennifer Miksis-Olds, Research Professor, School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

Dr. Thomas Weber, Assistant Professor, Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center

Dr. Lora Van Uffelen, Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island


Date: Wednesday, May 3
Time: 4 pm - 6 pm
Location: Piscataqua/Cocheco Rooms, Holloway Commons, UNH
Parking: Public Parking is available within walking distance to Holloway Commons. Please visit the UNH Transportation Services webpage for parking locations and campus map. All standard UNH parking fees apply.


Litte Bay, Jackson Estuarine Laboratory
Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, Durham, NH

Future Seminar Information

Fall 2017 Seminar

The seminar series will continue in October 2017.

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Ocean Acoustics